sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

Cincuenta Haikus - Kobayashi Issa


Another of the four haiku masters. A man with a tough life that wrote beautiful poetry. Issa, definitely my cup of tea. (Get it?) 
People, nature, plants, animals, insects. A heartfelt writing with a twist. 
I read this one, months ago, when I didn't even know who Issa was: 
"Look, don't kill that fly! It is making a prayer to you By rubbing its hands and feet."
So, I started babbling, as usual. Before Issa looked at it, that fly put its little hands and feet on rubbish and stuff and then flew over somebody's food and probably contaminated the whole thing; however, he sees a lovely prayer there. 
It is worth reading his works.

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