viernes, 2 de enero de 2015

Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare


So, in the 16th century, 13-year-olds were able to fall in love and commit suicide, all in less than a week. Now, they get upset if they don't get the 1.000 likes they require in social networks. Newbies.

This is the greatest love story of all times. Yes, it happened in less than a month (and there are men that after 10 years of being in a relationship, still aren't ready to get married). I can't imagine what would have happened in a six-month marriage. “New home, a couple of kids –a challenge to mother nature but time's not important here. After weeks of fighting over little things, Romeo developed a drinking problem, Juliet was heavily depressed, the kids fell in love with their neighbors at a birthday party. Three deaths by stabbing and 6 months later, big divorce.” 
Either way, they were doomed. That's what happens when you rush into things.
I love Shakespeare. The man described love, hatred, all kinds of human miseries with such a beautiful, brilliant writing. He had an extraordinary way of exploring his characters' psyche. Hamlet, for instance? Only the greatest tragedy of all times. But Romeo and Juliet...
Am I such a romantic? No. Sometimes. Not sure. What about after reading this play? 

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