sábado, 3 de enero de 2015

The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown


This is one of those books I read after the entire solar system read it. Dear Dan and Robert were tattooed in my brain thanks to all the media and friends. Before reading it, I was out of their circle. And if today I'd still be out of their circle, it would be fine. Because I wasn't missing anything

extraordinary... A somewhat quick read (it's not that long and difficult to understand, and still, it's dense, so after a while, it feels the freaking Great Wall of China kind of long) that didn't change my life. And with that I don't mean that every book must change your life, but a little impact would be nice. Anyway, it's a fine story but, in my opinion, I repeat, in my opinion, poorly written. And this doesn't mean I could have written a better book and all that crap. I think his writing style is simple, plain; it took advantage of an interesting story in the right moment. A crazy but interesting story.

What can I say? The movie is better...

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