sábado, 7 de marzo de 2015

The Book of Bunny Suicides - Andy Riley



Riley should be medicated. And I really liked this apparently simple book of cartoons, so I'm in no better shape. This is all Tim Burton's fault. He led me to this book and now, I can't stop. I love humor, and this is my favorite kind.

This book contains some hilarious, twisted, macabre, weird and tender stuff. I admit I felt a little guilty because I was laughing while some depressed little bunnies that were tired of living, decided to leave this world in a memorable and effective way. But I couldn't help it...

I never really cared for bunnies, actually. I've always had that "Bambi bunnies" image in my head, so, as a kid, when I had a couple as pets, it was such a disappointment. However, as stupid as it sounds, these cartoons made me like them again. I wanted to take care of them. I can't imagine what was going through that bunny's head in order to feel the need of dying with a million of bees on its tiny body. That's a really painful way to go. However, that's a simple one. There are other more complicated methods: hilarious, sad, controversial, but always creative. Noah's Ark, I mean, really, too funny.

I have to share one image, at least.


A slow good-bye.

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