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The Dancing Girl of Izu and Other Stories - Yasunari Kawabata


“When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone.”
― Tennessee Williams, Camino Real

The Dancing Girl of Izu
looking from afar
wishing to break the silence
that haunts them tonight

Full review

Diary of My Sixteenth Year
lonely child
forced to grow
as leaves fall

crowded oil
fading away
amid the ashes

The Master of Funerals
existence whispers
ancient songs of winter times

solitude lingers

Full review

Gathering Ashes
old dust
makes the nose bleed
when cicadas cry

two loners meet
and start their journey
throughout Japan

The Princess of the Dragon Palace
sinners pay

they soon became
two lines
destined never to meet

The Honey Road
memories of loss
break into the mind
as a whitened pond
sings into the night

They say paradise is far away.

Chastity Under the Roof
I wonder
what to say
about this one

long sigh

moving on

The Moon
thoughts so heavy
that dig his clogs
into the snow

...one who intends to join her life with mine.

a woman sees
a line of enemies
inside her screen

A Woman
where the gourds lie, a sullied sword pierced a tombstone to purify itself

Frightening Love
do the heavens
too much love?


heavens punish
too much

Horse Beauty
ravishing horse
galloped off
leaving the cosmos flowers

The Sea
stop hesitating
bring your silence
and walk with me

'Please take me where I can't look at the sea.'

silent hands
evoke her death
pomegranate flower

He believed that in this way his unexpressed feelings could somehow be communicated to others.

The Third-Class Waiting Room
Tokyo Station
has the feeling
she's not coming

The Watch
a lawyer
meant to talk
can't find the words
in his avalanche of thoughts

We mustn't condemn the vanity of these two. Vanity happened to give this man, who had groveled in fear of women, a little courage for love. ...perhaps, this thing called love is so absurd that it will manifest itself regardless of the means.

open your eyes now
under the fallen oak leaves
lie real intentions

exhaust me

yet they brought the boy back to his land

Burning the Pine Boughs
the sounds of fear
cover the night
of the first sparrow

A Prayer in the Mother Tongue
the mind
as it says goodbye

'Perhaps Kayoko is something like a mother tongue to me.'

The Setting Sun
don't look at my past
she said to the poet
near the blossoms


the samurai's sword
grabbed a life
and broke it in two

your silence is sharper

* First review of 2016. One can only hope...

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